Why choosing to choose body oil over lotion?

Your skin is like a mirror to your Heath. If you are healthy, it will directly affect you skin. But we are so busy and hardly find any time looking after your skin. And taking light with the body care is not at all advisable. So it’s very much important that you research thoroughly about some product before using it. You can read on the reviews at http://www.guatemala-times.com to know what the best products available are. In case you are trying to decrease the chemical usage in cosmetics, then you have to first switch your body lotion with body oil. So let’s see what’s there in your lotion and what makes oil a better option:

  1. Every lotion is oil based but has less percentage of it. The goodness lies in the oil only but as it is very less, you hardly get any benefit. Lotion contains oil and water which are held together by chemicals these chemicals can harm your body. But oils are on its pure form and don’t contain any water. They don’t have any preservatives and harmful chemicals.
  2. Lotion contains fragrances which are also chemical ingredient but in oil the scented part are the essential oils.
  3. Oils are really good for your skin. It can help restore the natural oil and help in natural rejuvenation of the cells in your skin.
  4. With regular usage of body oils you will find better and healthy skin. Guatemala-times can guide in choosing the best oils in the market to choose form. They are in their natural form and help you get back the baby skin. Using body can prevent pre-mature ageing.

So through away the harmful chemicals and switch to the best natural method of moisturizing your skin.