Types of Student Records Schools Need to keep


Schools need to perform a lot of work apart from providing academic guidance to the students. A good school will also have all the necessary documents of a student. Keeping records is an important component of such information.

Personal records- A student’s personal information is the basic identifiable features that distinguish him from others. It generally includes his physical characteristics as well as some general details about his living. It includes the following information.

  • Student’s name
  • Address
  • Name of the school
  • Class
  • Section
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Blood group
  • Guardians name
  • Occupation
  • Telephone number


Academic records- A students’ academic records are details about his academic career. It is the complete recordthat enables a school to analyze his educational progress. The various types of exam results have different significance. Graded tests and homework shows if the student is facing problem in any subject. Such students need to be tested regularly to measure their level of improvement. This record keeping technique is a sign of good system. A good system of testing and monitoring prevents students from failing and improve their academic progress. Some of the evaluative tests taken by schools are:

  • Weekly test results
  • Unit test results
  • Half yearly exam results
  • Vocational exam results
  • Annual exam results

Attendance Records-Keeping an active record of a student’s presence in school is termed as the attendance record. Good school attendance is an important part of a student’s academic progress. Regular attendance suggests that the student is enjoying his time in school. A child who attends school regularly generally shows friendly approach towards their peers. Schools implement a lot of ways to track records of student’s attendance like

  • Attendance register
  • Biometric attendance machine
  • Class attendance board
  • Traditional punch clock
  • Honor system

The digitalized machines are finding its use in some institutions these days due to its easy affordability and simple usage. One such system is apdm.net that enables a school to easily register the student’s attendance.