Q48 Makes Use of the HIIT Training Method

There are many conventional methods of losing weight which are popular in the market. Joining an aerobics class, hitting the gym or doing yoga are some of the methods that are commonly employed by people to lose extra fat. All these process can take a long time to deliver the required result and also most of them are quite expensive so that taking a membership will be necessary. The Q48 exercise regimen from sementedechia.info/q48/ is quite different from all these methods as it helps to burn 9 times more fat and also within a very short amount of time which can be very useful for a person. The attractive features of this form of HIIT exercise are as follows.


  • Fat burns after the activity – It is a form of HIIT training that includes high intensity physical activities that are evenly spread out with small resting time in between so that a person can gather his breath. This type of exercise increase the heart rate while exercising and are shorter in duration but more focused. An afterburn effect is therefore observed in which the body starts melting the unwanted fat well after the exercise has been completed and keep on melting it for the next 48 hours so that everyday exercise can be avoided.
  • Results are visible later – In the traditional forms of exercise, the caloric burn can be found out immediately after the exercise and that’s it. There is no reduction in calorie later. In Q48, the caloric burn is not immediate. This is due to the intense HIIT exercises in the regimen which does not melt the fat instantly but it creates a process within the body by which the fat starts melting after the exercise and continues for the next 48 hours helping a person to effectively burn calories.

The HIIT trainings are very useful in losing weight in a short amount of time and hence is being adopted worldwide.